So last month we woke up to the news that Zimbabwe’s largest Internet Service Provider, ZOL, was going to rebrand and start calling itself Liquid Home. In that article, we covered some of the reasons why ZOL and Liquid were doing this. Chief among these are the obvious economies of scale that the change brings given Liquid Intelligent’s broad African reach. We are now well into the first week of March and as promised ZOL has indeed rebranded itself. We have already seen some changes across the board.

Some of the changes include:

  • There will be no changes to the look and feel of ZOL’s offices but there will be noticeable cosmetic changes to their online presence. The very familiar ZOL logo we have known for years is gone and in its place is the Liquid Home logo. There are still some very familiar shades of ZOL’s orange shade around the new branding but its all dominated by the blue of Liquid.
  • The company’s main site has been moved from to Visiting this old URL will take you to this new domain. Just to emphasise the seamlessness the rebranding has brought the home page for Zambia is, for Kenya it’s and so on. The sites are different but the branding is very consistant across board.
  • myzol.cozw is now There have been some tweaks on the site in terms of feel and display but you can expect to get the same functionality that you did from the old site. Seems like there are some few kinks being ironed out there though. For example I kept getting an error while trying to view historical data usage. Liquid Home, to their credit it seems they are working hard to iron out any such glitches. One thing to note is that due to URL changes you might need to manually copy your password and username if you use a password manager like me.
  • The myZOL app has also been similary renamed.
  • Wibroniks packages are now called WibroniX the name is pronounced the same but the spelling is slightly different. There is no change in packages.
  • Fibroniks is now FibroniX again no change in packages. From browsing around the different Liquid Home sites across Africa is that the highest fibre package is 100 Mbps no Gigabit internet unless perhaps you make a special request. That’s a bit of a shame.
  • WiFi hotspots are still called ZOLSpots although the previously ZOLSecure service appears to be now be marketed as SaSaiWifi.
  • Liquid Home packages now include Excise duty. I will explore this further in another article.
  • Doesn’t seem like Liquid Home has send out Invoices for this month yet if you are on unlimited. You can just pay the new price.

Overall this rebranding has gone better than I expected to be honest.