ZINARA has just sent out an announcement about the problems they are facing at tollgates at the moment. It seems that the portable point of sale machines on their often remote tollgates are having trouble processing payments in a timely way. Most people often prefer to pay their tollgate fees in ZWL because it is relatively cheaper than paying in USD, Rand or Botswana Pula. This is often a painless process than involves swiping or inserting your card into a POS as you pass through but whenever there are technical challenges it can lead to delays and long queues at each tollgate which ultimately leads to congestion.

Customer Notice

We are experiencing intermittent network challenges on POS transactions, across our various tollgates. Our service providers are working to restore connectivity. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that may arise.

The message from ZINARA

How to mitigate the problem?

There are other ways to fix this problem. ZINARA has a prepayment system that allows you to pay for your tolls using for example Ecocash before you reach a given tollgate. You can just show them your proof of payment and pass through without having to worry about delays. Another alternative is to pay using cash be it a local currency or foreign currency. Depending on your vehicle type the savings you get by paying using electronic cards are probably not worth the delay of staying at the tollgate for minutes or hours.