In a recent statement, the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) informed motorists in Zimbabwe that vehicles without valid license discs will no longer be allowed to pass through tollgates starting 1 October 2022. ZINARA also reminded members of the public that only vehicles with number plates would be allowed to drive on public roads.

Below is the full statement from ZINARA

The Zimbabwe National Road Administration would like to advise the motoring public that all vehicles without valid license discs will NOT be allowed to pass through the Tollgates with effect from 01 October 2022.

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This is in line with the Vehicle Registration & Licensing Act (Chapter 13:14) subsection 6 and 22 which states that all vehicles which are de-registered, vehicles with licensing exemptions, and vehicles without number plates are not allowed to move around Zimbabwean roads.

As such, we urge the motoring public to make sure that their vehicles are fully licensed before they embark on any travel to avoid inconveniences.

ZINARA will allow motorists with valid insurance receipts to pay for their vehicle license discs at the Tollgates and collect them at the nearest ZINARA licensing offices.

The full statement from ZINARA

Earlier we wrote about how the ZRP would be launching an operation in tandem with other government departments such as ZINARA, VID and VTS to clamp down on illegal and unregistered vehicles. This statement from ZINARA seems to be part of that operation.