Our esteemed colleagues at MarketWatch have observed that the value of the Zimbabwean dollar continues to fall against the Rand, USD and other major currencies.

The Zimdollar picks up from where it left last week

Last week we saw the Zimbabwean Dollar (ZWL), Zimbabwe’s nascent currency depreciating significantly against the US dollar and the Rand. As we predicted that meant another round of price increases.

So far this week we have seen an increase in the prices of:

Expect other prices to follow suit unfortunately as traders continue to chase the black market rates.

Today’s rates

$100➡1180 RTGS$
$100➡870 BOND
R100➡72 RTGS$
R100➡52 BOND

£100➡1310 RTGS$

Please note these are black market rates although the official rate is hot in pursuit.