There can be no doubt about, the COVID pandemic is truly well among us now. Yesterday the country recorded an astounding 610 new cases as well as 13 deaths. The statistics is being reflected in our daily lives as well. It seems everywhere you turn someone famous has died or someone close someone famous has died. The latest report is that Norman Mapeza’s mother has died, yesterday it was Mutare’s Town Clerk.

Today we learnt that a number of nurses had reportdly down tools at Harare Hospital after several collegueas had tested positive. According to Healthtimes, the mid-wives were angered after one of their matron succumbed to COVID-19, They said they would not be returning to work until they were given Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Apparently the midwives  are outside as we speak, they  are refusing to enter the buildings following the death of the Matron. The Matron was on duty on Sunday then she started feeling sick. After getting tested, her result came out positive and she got admitted. Unfortunately, she died today.

Someone who spoke to Healthtimes

The government has been accussed of running command health by it’s critics. They say that the government is not listening to the feedback from hospitals opting to boss them around. Recently some nurses issued apologies to the government. Critics claim that they were coerced. Meanwhile the government has struggled to provide basic medication let alone PPE in hospitals.

Schools suffer.

Schools have not fared any better. According to Newsday, about 50 school headmasters have tested positive for COVID-19. The government’s plan to reopen schools seems to be unravelling now. Last year when the coronavirus seemed all but gone the government rushed to open schools and was admant that exams be written. Candidates are still going to school to write examinations even now. There has been pleas from several stakeholders who want exams to be postponed.

As of yesterday, more than 50 school heads across the country tested positive to COVID-19, while several other teachers and pupils are vulnerable. The ministry has not come up with a robust approach to COVID-19, thereby leaving teachers and pupils vulnerable.

Indeed, 2020 must best be remembered as a wasted year in terms of starvation wages educators received and the failure to prioritise the health and safety of teachers and pupils. But if anything, 2021 may be worse.


Private business not doing any better

The government has shown lots of favouratism to big business with formal businesses being allowed to operate for the most part. Workers from several entities have tested positive forcing branches and offices of other companies to close. In the latest case workers at Proton Bakery based in Marondera reported at least five new cases. Workers also talked about how management seemed to not care about their plight.

What is surprising is that whoever tests positive will just be sent home and business moves on as usual. Moreover, social distance is not maintained at the workplace and in staff buses and offices.

Security guards physically search workers at entry points when they come in and when they go home risking the spread of the virus.

General workers are not happy as the organisation is not paying them Covid-19 allowance. They have tried to negotiate with the employer on several occasions but nothing materialised.