It seems the world is truly opening up and although we still have COVID to content things are no longer nearly as bad as they were these past couple of years. For the first time since 2020 Zimbabweans will now be allowed to go outside without wearing a mask. To be clear only those who are fully vaccinated are allowed to not wear their masks when in public places which generally means you will not have to wear your mask when going outside. This implies you are still required to wear your musk when going into a shop, bank or some other public or private indoor space except your home.

… those who have received three doses of the WHO recommended vaccines are exempted from the mandatory wearing of face masks in outdoor public places but should however wear masks in indoor public places and on public transport. Those fully vaccinated should carry their cards all the time.

… all provinces [should] continue intensifying COVID-19 Vaccination activities for the nation to achieve herd immunity.

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Minister Monica Mutsvangwa speaking on resolutions by Zimbabwean Cabinet on these issues

Zimbabweans had stopped wearing masks in public places anyway

The truth is cabinet was simply acknowledging the status quo. Zimbabweans stopped wearing masks a while back. We only put them on when walking into a shop or some other building where the wearing masks is required. Even popular supermarkets like OK and Food World have stopped taking people’s temperatures when they are entering a shop. Sadly some have stopped dispensing free sanitisers at their entrance. While COVID cases have fallen COVID is still very much a pandemic with China, the virus’s origin, grappling with another lockdown and surge in cases. If we want the country to remain open for business we ought to be vigilant or risk another deadly wave as happened last year.