According to Norton MP Temba Mliswa, the Zimbabwean Parliament is now resorting to booking MPs into lodges that are often used as brothels due to payment issues. Some members of parliament have no accommodation in Harare and the Parliament of Zimbabwe used to provide accommodation for them to attend sittings in Harare by booking them in hotels. Hotels like Rainbow Towers are now refusing to accept to accommodate MPs on the Parliament’s tab as Parliament has unpaid bills going back 6 months.

Rainbow Towers Hotel has reportedly refused to accommodate opposition legislators, adding that they want those affiliated with Zanu PF only.

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It s not clear why the Zimbabwean government is not picking up the Parliament’s tab or why Parliament has failed to pay its bills for so long. House speaker Jacob Mudenda confirmed that Parliament had indeed failed to pay its bills for the past six months without giving a real reason why this was the case.

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It seems most high-end hotels are now only accepting Zanu PF members and not opposition MPs. This is probably because the ruling party is actually footing the bill for is own MPs while the other parties want the Parliament to foot the bill.