Even though Harare City Council held a meeting and cancelled the Pomona Waste Dump deal, the Zimbabwean national government is giving up on it. Led by Minister July Moyo the national government has sought to force the deal on Harare City Council claiming it was in its best interests to keep the deal. Harare City Council refused to pay the US$20 000 payments required to keep the deal alive. The national government stepped in and tried to salvage the deal by paying the ballooning debt using taxpayer funds meant for devolution.

Although this project was between Geogenix and the City of Harare, the Zimbabwe government is also in it.

So far, we have met our contractual agreements with Geogenix. We might be behind (with payments) but we’ve made sure all payments are done.

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Minister Chombo on the deal

It is not clear how the Zimbabwean government got to be part of the deal. Even if the Zimbabwean government is in the deal it’s not clear why they are using funds meant for Harare City Council to pay Geogenix. It all smacks of government overreach and possible corruption. It seems the national government has been using funds meant for Harare City Council to pay Geogenix to do next to nothing since May.