The government of Zimbabwe recently announced new gambling fees for both local operators and foreign applicants. For local applicants the payment for the fee can be paid in local currency at the prevailing interbank rate. This has become the norm as the government of Zimbabwe has made changes to various laws which involve payments and changed the base currency back to US dollars. Foreigners will have to pay the currency in USD. Gambling has become a popular past time in Zimbabwe as a lot of people are now seeking quick riches as the economy has now hit hard times.

The new fees are as presented below

FeeLocal Applicant Fees (USD)Foreign Applicant Fees (USD)
Permanent Casino licence2500.005000.00
Lottery Licence2500.005000.00
Permanent Casino Licence or Lottery Licence applications2500.005000.00
Totalizator Licence500.004000.00
Totalizator Licence Application500.002000.00
Gaming House Licence500.004000.00
Gaming House Licence application500.004000.00
Bookmaker’s Licence500.002000.00
Bookmaker’s Licence500.002000.00
Once-off principal fee4000.004000.00

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