Every the perennial beggar, today cabinet announced that, Zimbabwe would soon take delivery of 12 000 the Sputnik V COVID-19 Vaccine. India has also pledged to delivery 75 000 doses. This will bring the total vaccines donated to Zimbabwe to 287 000 vaccines:

  • China 200 000 Sinopharm vaccines
  • India 75 000 doses and
  • Russia 12 000 doses

With a population of close to 16 million, it means Zimbabwe’s vaccination program has barely begun. If you can even call it a program. Thanks to donations people are getting vaccinated using different vaccines all with different efficacies. We are going to end up with a hodgepodge of different vaccination schemes. Some vaccines are unproven when it comes to the now dominant South African strain of the virus. How is the government going to handle this mess? Only God knows.

The government is taking the same lazy approach it took when it comes to testing for the vaccine. It waited patiently for donations and most people have to fork out US$65 to US$70 in order to get tested. Same applies to offering support to struggling families. They have just folded arms and stood watch. Only issuing commands that people should stay home without offering any hand whatsoever except when it comes to forcefully enforcing measures.

Journalists now part of those going to get vaccinated

Journalists are now part of those people who are going to be vaccinated. Journalism had been declared an essential service under SI 93 of 2020. Several ZBC Journalists are already said to have been vaccinated. Hopefully this is also extended even to those who are not part of state media.