A lot of Zimbabwean healthcare workers including nurses have been looking for greener pastures in other countries. This follows years of being embroiled in pay disputes with the Zimbabwean government over what they feel is inadequate pay. South Africa being a well to do country that’s close to Zimbabwe and just across the border is a natural destination.

Unfortunately, it seems the South African government is more interested in good relations with the government in Harare than it is in getting new nurses. South Africa’s Health department rejected most of the applications by the nurses saying they had to adhere to protocols between member states in the SADC region and African Union.

This massive brain drain of our frontliners is a manifestation of broader and bigger socio-economic and political challenges brewing in our midst. As nurses in particular, we are grappling to address bread and butter issues. This has compelled us to look for alternative means and employers beyond [our borders] to survive especially neigbhouring states in search for a living wage

If our fellow neigbhors are now shunning health staff form Zimbabwe, [it] is an unfortunate decision. In light of the above, nurses in Zimbabwe will look and seek alternative countries that they are welcom to employ them especially in the diaspora.

Douglas Chikobvu Zimbabwe Professional Nurses Union President