Zimbabwe has a well-known electricity problem that predates the current problems the South African region is facing. We have a huge electricity demand which keeps growing while our power generation capacity has not improved in decades. It seems this can only get worse as ZESA has a backlog of over 350 000 people who are waiting to be connected to the electricity grid. ZETDC, the division of ZESA in charge of connecting clients says they are facing issues clearing this backlog as they did not have sufficient funds.

As a country, we are facing a backlog of over 350 000 that require connection. We have got a customer base of over 850 000 and potentially we can connect another 360 000, but we don’t have backbone infrastructure to do that.


Yesterday we wrote an article explaining why a lot of people were spending months without power due to simple faults like vandalised or faulty transformers. We did not know just how many people were being affected like this. ZESA has now revealed that at any given time there are about 23 000 customers who are not connected to the grid for prolonged periods due to faults like these.

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