Last week ZESA announced that the country would be experiencing some intense load-shedding as some generating plants had suffered some technical faults that put them offline. Well, there is some good news from the power utility company. They are easing load-shedding as the plants that had broken down are now back online improving the power situation. Just to be clear the power deficit that has been there from the beginning still exists but there will be minimal load-shedding.

All is back to normal for now

We will still have load-shedding but it will not be as intense as we saw last week. The thing though is that we should always wait for the other shoe to drop. Hwange has been a problem child for years as the power station is old. Strangely enough, there are several reports in state media and other publications echoing this that mentions the fact that Hwange was being upgraded for hundreds of millions of dollars. The question though is if Hwange is being upgraded why does it keep failing so much?

The government’s short gap measure in times of great deficit has been to import power from the region and right now most SADC countries are facing power issues with South Africans enduring load-shedding of their own. The week before last Zambia suffered a nationwide load-shedding.