Most suburbs in Harare and across the country have been experiencing load shedding during peak hours. The power cuts started about two days ago on the second of June. As already explained they tend to happen during morning or evening peak hours. ZESA had warned of general possible load-shedding during winter due to increased demand but this is not the reason for the heightened powercuts. There has been another fault at Hwange.


ZESA Holdings would like to advise its valued customers countrywide that there is limited power supply in the national electricity grid due to technical faults at Hwange at 1141 hrs yesterday. The depressed power supply situation has also been compounded by the unavailability of normal import levels due to the loss of interconnection to Eskom of South Africa.

The interconnection to South Africa has since been restored and recovery of service to optimum levels at Hwange is currently underway. Customers are advised to use the available power very sparingly and updates will be availed as the situation improves.

The inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted.

Despite modernisation, it seems units at Hwange are constantly failing. They have been blamed many times in the past for being the source of our power cuts. Normally when this happens we learn heavily into South Africa’s Eskom to carry us through such shortfalls but Eskom has been having trouble of its own. The South African utility has woefully failed to cover winter domestic demand and has implemented load-shedding of its own.