Like clockwork, ZERA announced the new fuel prices for this week yesterday evening. As is mostly the case with these announcements, this was another price increase, although it’s marginal considering some of the hikes we have seen in the past.

  • The price of diesel was hiked to $17.74 ZWL per litre up from $17.53 an increase of $0.21. Like we said it’s marginal.
  • The price of petrol was hiked to $17.07 up from $16.77 ZWL, $0.30. That’s the biggest increase but again it’s marginal.

The calculations that brought us here

fDiesel ZWL$/LitreBlend E20 ZWL$/Litre
Exchange Rate15.963115.9631
Oil Company Margin0.93830.9032
Dealer Margin1.16041.1170
Maximum Pump Price17.7417.07

The missing exchange rates

These calculations are as detailed as usual but there are two figures that are missing: the ZIMRA duty exchange rate and the exchange rate used to convert fuel prices to Zimbabwean dollars.

Now that could be an honest mistake or maybe something is afoot here.

All current fuel and gas prices can be found here