The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has announced new prices for LP Gas for the month of September. As it’s customary the prices will be reviewed each month. According to ZERA LP gas is to be sold at or below the following prices:

  • US $1.94 if you are selling in USD
  • ZWL$164.94 if you are selling in Zimbabwean dollars

NB It seems ZERA is using the official rate. Few service stations do this even the official ones.

Gas retailers are now also required to prominently display effective prices in large numbers outside or near their place of business.

Operators are advised to display the prices at their retail outlets at a prominent place in clearly legible letters.

Please note that it is permissible to sell LPG at prices below the prescribed prices depending on one’s trading advantages

Statement by ZERA on the issue

LP Gas is a cheaper alternative to ZESA when it comes to cooking in a lot of homes. Also due to the unreliability of ZESA some people have gas stoves for when there is no power. Gas prices went up when the government introduced Statutory Instrument 127 of 2021.