The Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commision (ZACC) have released a statement saying they are now investing the Grain Marketing Board and its executives over corruption allegations. At least one GMB executive has been named as being responsible for facilitating the exportation of subsidised maize meal to DRC.

Yes, we received a report of the issue, and we are seized with it.

ZACC Chairperson Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo

According to Wayne Moss of Mr Brands milling company, the subsidy system is riddled with corruption which starts at the higher levels of GMB. This cartel not only exports the mealie-meal but also supplies local black market sellers who then sell it at a premium nullifying the goals of the subsidy system.

The abuse is rife. It is so serious that it has to be dealt with. There is abuse within GMB which you are already dealing with on who gets what allocation. People are using roller meal maize to process other commodities. There is maize going to the DRC.

I have been in Mozambique. In Mutare, if you go to a retailer and I have evidence; there is (10kg) mealie-meal which is being sold at ZWL110 transfer. I have got the receipt,

This is another case and release show

Don’t expect any changes whatsoever. Aided by public apathy this will be another catch and release exercise, that’s if it even gets that far. ZACC has proved especially anemic in the face of all powerful cartels with exactly zero high-level convictions.

The few newsworthy convictions that they have scored in the recent past have been quickly lost on appeal. Often there is an inexplicable bungling of the case with the prosecution making basic errors. If one didn’t know better they would say those “errors” look deliberate.

Not only do the rich and powerful get away with it, they can get to even boast up it publicly with zero repercussions. Our best bet is to simply kill the subsidy system.