Following what appears to be the third wave, the government has tightened the lockdown. According to a statement by Minister Mutsvangwa people now need letters to move around and only those employed in critical sectors will be allowed into the CBD. Those not will be turned around.

The nation is advised that the exemption mechanisms which were used during the first lockdown in 2020 will be reactivated with immediate effect.

Given the above challenges, Cabinet has directed that the Treasury urgently releases the first tranche of $368.2 million it had committed to funding the enforcement of Level 4 lockdown measures.

This will reinforce the current efforts of containing the spread of COVID-19. Stiffer penalties will be imposed for violations of COVID-19 restrictions, including the withdrawal of business operating licences.

As you might be aware, the entire country is now under Level 4 lockdown, following the surge in COVID-19 cases.

where will I get a letter?

That’s the question. The Police have changed their position on this so many times it has gotten a bit confusing. The last time letters were required they were supposed to be issued by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce although it was never clear how this would happen.

There are also cases such as those needing medical attention and travelling for funerals that are not covered by the Ministry. Will they require police clearance? It’s not clear if this is the case though. In any case, time will eventually clear up these questions.