The Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe has commented on the video clip that went viral on social media a few days ago. The video shows a person that appears to be of Chinese descent assaulting a Shona speaking man who appears to be his employee. The video touched a storm on social media with many people angry at what they said was the impunity of Chinese employers who continue to get away with mistreating their employees. The Chinese embassy had this to say on the issue:

The Chinese Embassy has taken note of a short video circulating by some on social media purportedly showing a fight between a local man and his employers.

The Chinese Embassy supports a fair and transparent handling of all violations of law by the Zimbabwean authorities, regardless of whom is involved.

It is important that a complete and truthful account of the incident is made available. Trial by some on social media, based on partial information in a video of only 25 seconds, is not helpful.

The whole truth of the incident has not been established; it is wrong and dangerous to hold the entire Chinese community for what happens in this unclear incident

Another version of catch and release

While the embassy is right to call for a proper investigation the simple truth is that this will either not happen and the employer will probably not be arrested based on past events. Cases involving Chinese nationals tend to go cold just like Zimbabwe’s own high profile corruption cases. Take the case of an employer who shot his employee last year. The case seems to have just faltered with no clear outcome. There was also the case of Chinese business people who shot a motorist and his girlfriend and got a lenient two year sentence when the magistrate would have thrown the book had it been a Zimbabwean peptrator.