NetOne recently launched a motor vehicle insurance known as OneSure. While there is no shortage of car insurance products in the Zimbabwean market with products offered by traditional car insurance companies, banks like FBC and even Econet which is NetOne’s rival, there is always room for more and OneSure will no doubt find a niche which will in no small part be made up of NetOne and OneMoney subscribers.

You see while the Zimbabwean insurance market is small as most people either don’t believe or cannot afford to have traditional property insurance two sectors have thrived. The motor vehicle insurance sector and the life assurance sectors. The first is because of the law. You are required to have at least third-party motor vehicle insurance if you want to put your car on the road. The second one is because it is life’s fait accompli that we will all die someday we might as well prepare for that. Econet for example already has Ecosure and their Moovah insurance and NetOne is not making a secret of the fact that they are gunning for at least some of Econet’s insurance customers.