There have been a lot of developments concerning Zimbabwean e-passports. So many in fact it seems the Zimbabwean government is failing to communicate them in an orderly way. For example, we thought the second e-passport would open in Bulawayo at the end of this month. Turns out there is already a second e-passport office in Chitungwiza which is already operational!

It’s not even clear when this office opened and where it’s located so all we can do now is speculate on these points. The office will probably be located at Chitungwiza District Registrar’s Offices also known as Registrar-General Seke Office. This is found near Seke North Clinic in Chitungwiza a short drive from Seke Road. The shopping centre is known as Makoni shopping centre. The office was opened back in 2020 to cater for the people of Chitungwiza.

Passport offices are also set to be decentralised to other towns and cities starting with Chitungwiza, which is now operational, followed by Bulawayo Offices which will be opened by the end of the week.

Focus will then shift to Zimbabweans in countries like South Africa, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States of America as Zimbabwe becomes one of the first African countries to adopt the modern e-passport.

ZBC online writing on the issue

As you can see there are a lot of developments on the e-passport front but it seems the government is not communicating them to the public coherently. I am not even sure a lot of people know that they can apply for an e-passport in Chitungwiza with most flocking to Harare. A lot, including us, don’t even know that there is an online booking process.