This morning we woke up to learn that NetOne was increasing the cost of their Khuluma 24/7 voice bundles. Despite the hike, these bundles still offer value for money. So Telecel Zimbabwe does have its own voice bundles.

Telecel’s bundles are called Cross Network Bundles and they work pretty much the same way Khuluma Bundles do. You dial a code, *146# in this case, and choose a bundle of your choice. You can then make calls to all local Networks for the prescribed minutes. The bundle will expire after the set period whether or not you use up all the minutes.

Telecel’s Voice Bundle Prices

Cost ZWL $MinutesValidity
281 day
4162 days
10453 days
201005 days

Again these bundles offer value for money when you compare them to what you would pay if you made calls outside these bundles. And we can prove it.

How much do you save when making calls using the Telecel Cross Network voice bundles?

BundleNormal Cost Per Minute ZWLBundle Cost/Minute ZWLTotal Savings In Bundle ZWL
$2 0.250.481.84

You can save as much as $28 if you use these bundles instead of making a call outside them.

What’s the catch?

The catch is that just like with WhatsApp bundles you are probably familiar with these voice bundles will disappear into thin air whether you use them or not. Which is not a big problem if you buy them for a specific purpose.