A number of people who use the Yomix platform from Econet have received a message offering them a 60% discount on data bought through the platform. Some have received similar messages offering 150% more value whatever that means.

THANK YOU for using YoMix! You have won a 60% discount on YoMix data bundles. Log into your YoMix app today & mix a data bundle. Offer valid until 31/10/2019

The message sent out to some subscribers

Data prices have gone up a couple of times in the past few weeks and there is no doubt people are struggling to afford it. The number of people we see on WhatsApp regularly has decreased for example.

YoMix was created to allow customers to create their own data bundles and pay lower than regular prices. However, tests by our colleagues at TechZim have shown that YoMix data bundles are often expensive than regular bundles defeating the whole purpose of using the service in the first place.

Add in the fact that YoMix uses a mind-numbingly complex pricing model that sees two people paying widely different prices for the same bundle and a lot of people, us included just stopped using the service at some point.

It seems Econet wants to revive interest in the platform. Even though we are among those who were offered the discount we cannot confirm whether the prices are indeed 60% lower than before. We will have to take Econet’s word for it.

However, when we attempted to buy a daily data bundle the prices appeared cheaper than regular bundles.