Times are hard and only a few are being spared from the current biting economic crisis. Zimbabwe’s vaulted and respected Liberation Struggle War Veterans (Veterans) have not been spared either as they and their offspring suffer together.

They have suffered so much they also want their own bank modelled after the Women’s Bank. The proposed War Veterans Banks would cater to the capital needs of the war veterans.

Women have their own bank, which was established for them, but if you look at the war heroes that fought in the liberation struggle they are not well funded in terms of self-help projects and there is need for financing to be availed so that there can be a war veterans bank where they can borrow money for self-help projects.

Even 39 years after independence our remaining liberation fighters are still suffering from different effects of the war and just like in other countries like the United States of America there is need for a specialised hospital to cater for our war veterans, and the hospital can raise money through charging fees to non-veteran clients.

Defence and War Veterans Ministry secretary Mark Marongwe

The seemingly absurd suggestion actually found favour before Parliament’s committee on defence which seemed receptive to the idea. While as a son of a war veteran I think the idea is noble I think the government should be working to fix the economy in general and not focusing on more exceptionalism.

In any case, the Women’s Bank has been lacklustre at best when it comes to actually meeting the needs of women. The same can be said about the Empowerment Bank maybe the government needs to enhance the operation of these banks and ensure War Veterans can make use of these.