There is a persistent rumour doing rounds on social media that the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) is now only accepting the foreign currency. The rumour is false and ZINWA has already confirmed that they are still accepting all forms of payment including of course the Zimbabwean dollars in the form of RTGS. It is not clear how the rumour started but it could be because someone is running a scam.

Authority’s attention has been drawn to some reports circulating on different communication platforms that ZINWA now charges for its services and products in United States Dollars.

ZINWA wishes to advise the public that this information is untrue and should be ignored.

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All ZINWA services are billed and payable in local currency, without exception and can be paid through cash, bank transfers and mobile money transfer platforms.

The same applies to all those clients who opt to pay using other currencies that are in use in Zimbabwe.

A statement from ZINWA on the issue

How to pay ZINWA using Zimbabwean dollars?

There are so many ways to pay ZINWA using ZWL. You can use OneMoney, Ecocash or your bank account. For both Ecocash and OneMoney it is a matter of selecting the ZINWA bill payment option from the menu and completing the payment. Your account is automatically credited. For banks, you have to dig through each bank’s payment options to find ZINWA which is usually listed as a beneficiary. The exact steps depend on your bank but they are intuitive enough in most instances.