A video has emerged of Zimbabwean police interrogating a suspected car thief in loco. Lately, there has been a rise in car theft in Zimbabwe’s urban areas. Police say most of the stolen vehicles are often used to commit other crimes such as robberies either by the thieves themselves or by people to whom the thieves sell the stolen cars to. In the video, the suspect is however heard claiming that he intended to sell the stolen car to an unknown garage owner who would break the car for parts.

The video showing the interrogation of a car thief

The police recently partnered with other government departments including the Vehicle Inspection Department and ZINARA in an operation meant to clamp on unlicensed and unregistered vehicles. In the above video, the car has had its plates removed which might be one of the reasons why it was stopped by the police. Illegal pirate taxis also often remove their plates when operating in the CBD.

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