The famous helicopter made by Daniel Chingoma of Taisek Engineering (Pvt Ltd) was recently moved to the University of Zimbabwe where it will hopefully continue to draw crowds. The helicopter was moved from the Mbudzi Roundabout where a new bypass is being constructed. The helicopter was in the way of construction. The self-taught engineer made the so-called Zimcopter many years ago but it was barred from flying by the authorities.

Chingoma’s helicopter outside the University of Zimbabwe

While Chingoma is known for the Zimcopter he has other more successful engineering projects including his famous line of hand pumps. His company Taisek Engineering is well known in local irrigation circles. His achievements have prompted some to criticise the government of Zimbabwe for allegedly not giving him enough space to develop more local products instead of expensive imports. Relying too much on imports is the reason why Zimbabwe is always struggling with foreign currency shortages.

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