As the true blow of coronavirus seems to have landed some people have blamed the authorities for not doing enough during the 3 months lull when the lockdown started in order to prepare for the full scale rise in cases that we are now witnessing. While Zimbabwe’s hospitals appear very much unchanged and still appear ancient and under-equiped Ghana has been praised for being able to build a 100 bed facility, the Ghana Infectious Disease Centre during the same period.

According to reports it took the country about 93 days (12 weeks) to accomplish this. The facility cost the country about $8 million. See pictures below:


What is even more impressive is that Ghana was able to carry out this work in a very transparent manner. They even had a website dedicated to it where people could follow up on the progress of the project. This is to be contrasted with the way deals are often done in Zimbabwe. Never mind the current Covid-19 saga. A lot of donations made towards Idai are still unaccounted for.