A University of Zimbabwe student who was attachment with the Ministry of Social Welfare stole about $91 000ZWL (about US$850) from the Ministry of Social Welfare department she was working for in Masvingo. She did this by stealing 53 Netone lines in which the Ministry had deposited $1 700 ZWL each.

The lines were meant to be given to the less privileged. She took the lines and started transferring money to people who would give her cash. Her luck ran out on 4 May when a detective discovered that one of the people to whom the student had transferred money fingered her as the culprit.

In order to make her life easier the suspect had transferred the money from about 46 of these lines to one number which now had about $78 200. With the money now gathered in one number she the proceeded to transfer to people who wanted RTGS in return for cash.

The suspect, Tatenda Manhimanzi was convicted of theft of property and she will have to serve 140 hours of community service as well as repay the money before 30 June 2021. If she fails to pay back the money she will have to serve four months in prison.