Milk is one of those foods that contain essential nutrients and minerals notably calcium. Those benefits come at a price. In Zimbabwe, a litre of milk will cost you between $19 ZWL and $25 ZWL if you decide to buy from your local supermarket.

It’s an expense a number of Ugandan men don’t seem to bother with as have developed quite the taste fro breast milk. Specifically, they like being breastfed by their wives. This is not some sort of fetish at all, these men are actually seeking nourishment.

According to research done by Britain’s University of Kent the practice is common in the rural district of Buikwe. The men often drink before their child gets a drink and sometimes drink more than once a day.

It sustains me, I come home for lunch and it relieves stress in the middle of the working day.

One man interviewed during the research

Some find it addictive as they feel special during the process, suggesting these men probably have some deep lying psychological disorder. Some are superstitious enough to believe it cures HIV.

It’s predatory and bad

It might seem harmless until you consider it’s impact on the mother and child affected by this. It means them is actually stealing nutrients from both the mother and child. It’s like these men are vampires. The milk is not as “free” as one would be coming with nutrients from the wife. It is also degrading to the wife.