The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) was set up years ago to be the premier fighting force against corruption in Zimbabwe but in recent years and months, it has been the object of ridicule. The news that the commission’s spokesperson is now facing corruption allegations himself will just hurt whatever little positive goodwill the organisation has left. President Mnangagwa has now appointed a commission to investigate John Makamure commissioner in question.

(i) to investigate into the matter of the removal from office of Commissioner John Makamure of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission: (

ii) to investigate whether or not Commissioner John Makamure failed to disclose his interest as the founder and trustee of the Southern African Parliamentary Support Trust (SAPST) whose objects are allegedly inconsistent with the functions of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission and Government;

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(iii) to investigate whether or not Commissioner John Makamure failed to disclose his involvement in political activities which is inconsistent with the duties and functions as Commissioner of Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission;

(iv) to investigate whether or not Commissioner John Makamure directed one Lee Sung to fund his political campaigns in Gokwe in return for his protection;

(v) to investigate whether or not Commissioner John Makamure’s conduct can be deemed to be tantamount to gross misconduct;

(vi) to consider all information submitted by the Judicial Service Commission in order to arrive at an appropriate recommendation to the President;

(vii) to investigate any other matter which the Tribunal may deem appropriate and relevant to the inquiry;

(viii) to recommend on whether Commissioner John Makamure, is fit to hold office in the light of the foregoing; and

(ix) to report to the President, in writing, the result of the inquiry within a period of one month after completion of the inquiry;

(g) direct that the inquiry shall be held both in public, or privately, as the exigencies of the Tribunal may determine:

Part of the President’s notice on the formation of commission

The commission to investigate the commissioner was reportedly sworn in at 1600 hours yesterday at the state house so it is already in motion. It seems ZACC commissioners cannot be just fired from their jobs without them facing such a tribunal and this is all part of the process of getting rid of Makamure. It is also hard to tell whether this process will eventually do that, ZACC is an organisation that is famed for starting things it never sees through. They are the masters of “catch and release” and so there is every chance this whole thing will crumble to nothing.

Catch and release is the real reason why ZACC is viewed with contempt by the majority of Zimbabweans. Despite making noises about there being no sacred cows ZACC has really failed to get convictions on high-level corruption given the extent of corruption in this country. Politically connected elites continue to run rings around the commission with little consequences. Meanwhile, teachers and other petty criminals have been hounded by the commission for things like extra lessons.