On Friday Zuva Petroleum increased the price of their cooking LP gas to $22 per kg up from $18. Now Total have followed suit and increased the price of their gas to $20 per kg. It’s not clear when the new price came into effect but it was definitely in the past three days.

Total held out at $15.00 ZWL per kg when Zuva increased the price of their gas to $18 a few weeks ago. It could be they were selling old stock and therefore felt they didn’t need to adjust the price.

The Total Model of selling gas can tie you in

Total uses a somewhat old model of selling gas. They have their own containers for which you have to pay a deposit the first time you become a customer. You then take the container home and when it runs empty you have to bring it back.

Instead of having that container filled on the premises you are given a full container instead. This means if its a 5 kg container you are forced to buy $5 kg of gas whether you need that much or not. On the good side is that its safer that way and leaking containers are repaired away from customers, the disadvantage is that there is no flexibility here.