This has become so frequent to the extent that nobody is still regarding this as news anymore. The price of sugar has gone up again after Zimbabwe’s major supplier, Tongaat Huletts announced a price hike. Again if you factor in black market rates, the prices do not seem to have changed in US terms with the popular $2kg pack selling for around $2.00 USD.

The new prices

  • Brown sugar:
    • 1kg $106.40,
    • 2kg $212.80,
    • 5kg $532.00 and
    • 10kg $1 064.00
  • White sugar:
    • 1kg $112.45,
    • 2kg $224.90,
    • 5kg $562.24 and
    • 10kg $1 124.48


  • All prices above are in Zimbabwean dollars unless otherwise explicitly stated.
  • These prices are still lower than black market prices.
  • Sugar shortages still persist