In the unlikely event, you didn’t know, Mafikizolo are coming to town (town being Harare in this case) this Friday. The group, duo actually, are performing at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) this coming Saturday (6 September).

Ticket prices to the event and how and where to buy them?

Despite all the violence and talk of a boycott Theo Kgosinkwe and Nhanhla Nciza have confirmed that they are coming to honour their commitments as they have already been paid. Some people against the boycott have also rightly pointed out that the band has already been paid and boycotting will only hurt local musicians who are yet to be paid.

Ticket prices are as follows:

SeatPrice ZWL $
Upper Seat Standard100.00
Lower Seat Standard200.00
VVIP Table of 1010 000.00

Prices are kind of steep

The Zimbabwean economy is hurting and in the intensive care so we are not sure if people can afford those eye-watering prices the organisers are asking for. $10 000 ZWL is pretty steep even if we are talking about RTGS here. That is close to R12 500 going by today’s rates.

Here is where you can buy the tickets online using Ecocash

You don’t have to hunt around looking for the tickets. You can buy them online right now using Ecocash/Zimswitch. The tickets are being sold by Click N Pay Africa

Click or tap here to go to the ticket website