The University of Zimbabwe has been embroiled in a fight with its students who are protesting the institution’s latest fees hike. Some students have been arrested for taking part in a demonstration while others have approached parliament and even taken the university to court. The government, like the famous Pilate, has chosen to wash off its hands on the whole thing. The University of Zimbabwe meanwhile has decided to placate the angry students with sweet cash discounts as high as 12.5%.

 Meanwhile, the following student-centred fees payment options have been introduced for the convenience of our students:

a. Those who pay 100% of fees by the 31st of October 2022 enjoy a 12.5% discount.

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b. Those who pay 75% of fees by 31st October 2022 enjoy a 10% discount on the amount paid.

c. Those who pay 50% of fees by 31 October 2022 enjoy a 5% discount on the amount paid.

iv. All outstanding fees balances should be cleared by the 30th of November 2022.

Part of the University’s Memo to current and prospective students

The “tough love” memorandum also advises students that those who cannot pay fees should engage with the University in a peaceful dialogue rather than be militant in terms of approach. To be honest the University shares the blame with students here. They unilaterally decided to hike fees while students unilaterally decided to strike. It is a sad case of two hot heads blundering into an avoidable fight. Both sides communicated poorly, it is doubtful the protest would have happened were it not for the UZ’s and its surrogate’s incendiary and unsympathetic remarks. They should have led with financial options to students right off the gate instead of trying to act tough. For their part students would do well to heed the University’s advice. By diverting their attention to organising and carrying out protests it means they are not focused on their own education.