The iPhone is a coveted status symbol in many African countries including Zimbabwe where people pay an arm and leg for what is at the end of the day just a phone. Users of the iPhone claim that it offers unparalleled performance compared to Android alternatives. But the question that a lot of people who don’t have a phone are always asking themselves is that is it really worth it.

To answer that question, first, you need to know how much iPhones cost in general in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwean sellers are known for their price gouging and when it comes to the iPhone they do not hold back. The Phone often sells at inflated prices. Below is our table showing the price of various iPhones in Zimbabwe, South Africa (in USD at current rates) and recommended prices in the United States.

iPhone ModelPrice in Zimbabwe (USD)Price in South Africa (USD)Price in the United States
iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB$2 500$1 645.00$1 199
iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB$1 400$1 278.53$849
iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB$1 150$1 028$749
iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB$750$833$650
iPhone 11Pro 64GB$550$611$409
iPhone XS Max 256GB$500$555$284
iPhone XR 64GB$350$389$239
iPhone X 64GB$300$361$239
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB$290$311$220
Prices are for boxed unlocked phones


  • The differences in prices is much wider than the numbers above seem to imply. Usually, prices from South Africa and the U.S include warranty and support. Zimbabwean buyers ae often on their own.
  • While iPhones are considered to be part of the Apple eco-system, in Zimbabwe iPhone buyers rarely get all the services that come with them.
  • A lot of “boxed” phones especially older iPhone brands are actually professionally refurbished no matter what the seller tells you.
  • The latest iPhone often sells at a premium. Other brands sell at very palatable prices that are not very different in the U.S or UK provided you are willing to forego support.

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