On Tuesday we published our list of what supermarkets were charging for certain basic groceries in Harare. There were a lot of basic household items missing on that list and that is by design.

Today we publish a more extended basket list that goes beyond tsaona mode. It’s a list which includes items such as Jam and dishwasher because at the end of the day we all have to do our dishes right?

We also figure you might want lotion instead of lathering up with petroleum jelly seeing as it is winter is coming to an end. You stove deserves cleaning too and maybe you want creamer instead of milk. Thai rice may be your preference.

With those merciless powercuts, you probably need candles too. If you want to use our extended basket as a shopping list please feel free.

So what are supermarkets in Harare (Zimbabwe) charging for various items today? Well here is the answer:

ItemOKPick N PayChoppiesFoodWorld
Mazoe 2l19.9515.9917.9916.00
White Rice14.9916.9916.3517.95
Thai Rice 2kg24.8918.4925.3018.25
Flour 2kg20.6521.9919.9921.90
Mealie-meal 10kg23.2524.9936.5024.65
Macaroni 3kg34.9935.9935.3541.40
Sugar 2kg17.2517.4917.4917.25
Cooking Oil 2l26.9923.9926.4924.25
Cereal (Cerevita) 500g36.9917.9925.9918.05
Peanut butter 375ml8.998.998.9911.85
Jam 375ml7.156.997.857.60
Margarine 500g11.9912.2912.459.99
Soup Usavi Mix 50g2.552.892.852.80
Salt 1kg3.653.793.453.20
Tea 100 tea bags19.9919.9916.7024.25
Creamer 1kg39.9942.9942.85
Milk 1L7.997.998.998.05
Tinned fish 155g6.254.696.205.90
Bath soap 150g5.695.796.656.60
Candles 6pack18.2015.2917.5017.95
Green bar10.909.9911.4911.80
Lotion/Cream 300ml20.8914.9922.9526.35
Petroleum Jelly 300ml28.2923.9924.2527.45
Matches pack of 10 boxes5.853.993.856.40
Scouring powder 500g1.901.793.252.15
Surface Cleaner 500ml13.8014.7913.7513.65
Tissues (Pack of 4)10.4911.4910.1514.20
Toothpaste 100ml7.999.9913.499.59
Washing Powder 2kg55.0056.9944.9956.40
Dish Washer 750ml14.8515.2910.9914.65

NB: All prices are in RTGS and these supermarkets accept both swipe and Ecocash as well as cash (some people still pay using cash in supermarkets I have seen it).

Other things to note:

  • For dishwasher, we considered between Sunlight and other reputable competing brands such as Clean O. This are naturally cheaper.
  • For Lotion, we considered Camphor cream. It’s unisex and can be used by all members of the family. If you want to go for Nivea we understand but we wanted to cover the most number of people.
  • Sun Jam and Mama’s were the cheapest jam brands depending on the shop
  • All-purpose cleaner refers to Handy Andy like products here Spotless was easily the cheapest
  • Creamer is Creamora, Ellis Brown was a little pricey
  • Surface cleaners are used to clean tables etc. Popular brands include Clean O, Mr Muscle and Dettol.
  • Scouring powder is along the Vim cleaner lines. Spotless satchets took the crown here although Choppies doesn’t seem to have refill satchets.

If you feel like we have missed an essential common item whose price you want to see regularly get in touch via the contact form.