Early this month after two months of calm in the forex market the rate started climbing and the inevitable result is that prices have started to follow suit. Bread, the latest item to see hike, is now selling for between $20-$21 ZWL depending on the baker/shop.

The highest price for bread was $21 ZWL for the supersized Goliath loaf which is made by Pick N Pay. The loaf is essentially two loaves in one. All the major baker’s bread was selling for $18.50 ZWL in most supermarkets and $16 bond in tuckshops that often demand cash. Shop baked bread was selling for between $16-$17 ZWL.

The price of bread has been stable from November to date. We don’t have subsidised flour available hence the market forces are now at play.

National Bakers Association of Zimbabwe president, Dennis Wallah

The Consumer Rights Association (CRA) has spoken out against the latest hike saying the hike means that most families who are already struggling will not be able to afford bread.

We get concerned when families cannot afford basics such as bread as this means these families are now food insecure.

Consumer Rights Association spokesperson, Effie Ncube