Government spokesperson Nick Mangwana Nick Mangwana has claimed that Pomona Waste Site was the target of arson attacks on Tuesday. Pomona Waste site is the location of the dump site at the heart of the controversial deal involving Geogenix and driven by Minister July Moyo. It is not clear what happened but there are reports that several fires were lit at or near the site.

Last night, multiple fires were lit at the Pomona Waste Site in what is suspected to be a case of arson. The fire was successfully put out and no one was injured. Investigations are underway.

Nick Mangwana

Geo Pomona Waste Management Pvt Ltd also issued a similar statement but made it clear that they were not aware whether these fires were natural or the work of saboteurs. It is important to note that despite claims by the government of sabotage there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest this is the work of an arsonist. The company revealed that they are suspecting arson because the fire erupted in various distant spots simultaneously.

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According to the company the fire erupted at around noon on Tuesday. The fire is said to have covered about a third of the dumpsite before it was put out. The fire was successfully put out at 10 PM in the evening of the same day. The company then went on to promote itself leaving some sceptical about the whole thing. Cynical social media users suggested that this was all a publicity stunt. They opined that Geogenix itself might have lit the fires in an attempt to either generate publicity or to get rid of some of the waste.

The Pomona deal has been the cause of much controversy. The deal requires Harare City Council to pay millions to Geogenix without getting anything much in return. Harare City Council has staunchly refused to pay and Minister of Public Works July Moyo has sought to impose the deal on the council.