Those who grew up in the 1990s probably have fond memories of the Cold Storage Commission of that era. During those better economic time, the CSC was in charge of the beef businesses in Zimbabwe and had its man tentacles in every business involved in beef. It did its job well or well enough. The current CSC is a sad version, a poor imitation of that old CSC.

Time and time again the current CSC has been revived only to fail miserably. Apart from a few administrative roles the CSC has all but disappeared from public view. The latest twist in the saga is that not only has the entity failed to pay most of its workers it also laying off some of its stuff.

As communicated to you, on 25th September 2019, the company has not been operational for more than 15 years hence the 4 months annual shut down of all Abattoirs and Sales Depots to enable the re-tooling of the Plant(s).

Boustead Beef Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd on behalf of the Republic of Zimbabwe/Cold Storage Company wishes to lawfully terminate all permanent employees on secondment. This will pave way for Boustead Beef to carry out its recruitment and selection processes in preparation for the full Production set to commence end of 1st Quarter 2020

Part of the letter send to employees being laid off

Don’t expect these guys to rouse and become to be the famed CSC of old. There will be no beef from them to the nation anytime soon.