Chipo Mutasa the Managing Director of TelOne is set to leave TelOne after being in her post for about a decade. Ms Mutasa was appointed managing director of the state-owned telecoms business in 2013. Mutasa will step down at the end of this month after serving her two mandates, which are required by the rules governing Zimbabwean parastatals.

I take a bow with my head high because of how you all worked so hard to build the TelOne brand and all the achievements we scored. Being associated with this amazing brand will remain a highlight of my career which I will so proudly acclaim.

Together we started the journey to transform TelOne and so it is my wish for those that will come after me and indeed the rest of the TelOne team to keep moving forward and do even better.

Part of the farewell email written by Ms Mutasa to her staff.

An impressive legacy

Under Ms Mutasa, TelOne has been transformed from being a failing and underperforming parastatal into a renowned success story. They may not be the biggest internet service provider in Zimbabwe but they are only second to Liquid Home. They are the largest and only ADSL internet provider, have a respectable fibre presence and have built some national data centres in partnership with Huawei.