ZOL recently informed its customers that they will now be paying more for the same data starting tomorrow. Telone, not to be outdone, has also issued its own notice, informing customers that they will be paying more for the same data as inflation continues to take a toll on the economy.

The new prices are shocking, to say the least. They are probably beyond the reach of many.

New residential package prices

Home Basic10GB$176
Home Extra15GB$188
Home Basic Night20GB$222
Home Plus30GB$292
Home Plus Night60GB$375
Home Premier60GB$491
Home Premier Night120GB$632
Infinity Pro500GB$1039

New prices for SME business packages

Infinity SupremeUnlimited$1752
Infinity ExtraUnlimited$2335

Telone has also adjusted their voice tariffs:

Click/Tap here to download the voice tariffs