For Zimbabweans when it rains it pours and when it comes to inflation it has been pouring non-stop for a while. Every other day beleaguered businesses are forced to pass the increased cost of service to their customers. The latest one to do so is TelOne which will be hiking their tariffs starting the 16th of June when their new tariffs on ADSL and fibre go into effect. Between now and then customers will be paying the old price.

According to TelOne the following package prices will change on 16 June:

  • Home Boost will go up from $14 200 ZWL to $16 500 ZWL for 200GB
  • Infinity Pro will now be $22 000 ZWL for 500GB from $18 500 ZWL
  • The unlimited Intense will now set you back $23 500 ZWL up from the current $20 000 ZWL
  • For business (fibre customers) the Infinity Supreme package will now cost $32 000 ZWL
  • Finally, the Intense Pro package will now be going for a whopping $44 000 ZWL