This was expected as POTRAZ granted Internet Service Providers (ISPs) the permission to review their prices in July, September and November. In general TelOne ZWL prices are going up by about 10% starting this September. USD bundle prices will not be going up naturally so if you have USD to spare you might want to go for these bundles instead. Unfortunately, those who use Liquid Home do not have such an option.

Detailed new prices for September will be as follows.

Package NameData Allocation in GBPrice starting 1 September
Home Basic10GB3885
Home Basic Night20GB5314
Home Extra15GB4274
Home Plus30GB8554
Home Plus Night60GB10887
Home Premier60GB16071
Home Premier Night120GB18922
Home Surfer100GB27217
Home Boost200GB42770
Infinity Pro500GB57026
Blaze Light8GB3497
Blaze Xtra15GB5439
Blaze Boost20GB6994
Blaze Ultra40GB11267
Blaze Trailblazer100GB24107
Blaze SupernovaUnlimited47954
Infinity SupremeUncapped82947
Intense ExtraUncapped114052

You can still view the current prices here. Once 1 September arrives that page will automatically update itself to show the new prices. In the meantime, you can still buy TelOne bundles at the current prices here.

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