The government of Zimbabwe recently offered to increase the salaries of all civil servants by US$25 starting 1 September 2022. This offer means that civil servants will be earning a US dollar component of US$200 per month while their RTGS salary components will remain the same for now. The Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe has dismissed the new salary hike as a “joke” saying it was too little.

The govt, as usual, thinks it’s all a joke. An increment of only $25 when service providers have already wiped out more than that, really?

It would seem that govt is pushing teachers towards real action. It’s a dog’s breakfast.

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PTUZ dismsssing the salary hike.

Teachers and other civil servants have been involved in a protracted salary battle with the government ever since the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe scrapped the 1:1 regime back in 2019. Civil servants want their salaries to be restored to their USD equivalent prior to the introduction of the Zimbabwean dollar. The government has however insisted that they are paying as much as they can without wrecking the economy.