When it comes to local Chinese-owned businesses, Sunny Yi Feng certainly takes the cup for regularly grabbing the headlines for the wrong reasons. Recently the company’s Norton factory was shutdown by the Environmental Management Agency over environmental violations. According to EMA spokesperson Ms Amkela Sidanke who said EMA ordered Sunny Yi Feng to halt all operation on or before 16 August 2020 after they failed to install emission sampling points on their factory.

It seems the company was given ample opportunities to do this but inexplicably failed to do so on multiple occassions forcing the arm of the regulator which was compelled to flex its muscle by shutting down the factory. On the 5th of August during an inspection the company was ordered to install sampling points. EMA was scheduled to come back and do a sampling exercise on the 12 of August but it seems the company did not do this.

However, on the date earmarked for the sampling exercise, the company failed to establish sampling points as had been requested by the agency and further to that, the boiler and furnace were switched off, making it technically impossible to do sampling, thus deliberately obstructing the course of justice.

Herald on the issue