This article has been updated to include the fact that POTRAZ is now aware of customer complaints and is investigating

A number of subscribers have taken to twitter and other social media platforms to complain about how Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe Limited seems to be spamming them and violating their privacy as the company continues to push its Sasai platform.

It appears some Econet/Ecocash subscribers are unhappy at the way messages promoting the platform continue to be foisted upon them without permission. We, and others apparently, have also received messages that seem weirdly specific, telling us that some people who our contacts are now using Sasai and want us to join them.

Cassava has always been very aggressive when pushing Sasai. Every time you transact using Ecocash you are bombarded with messages enticing you to join with offers such as you will get 1GB of data to use with the service.

It’s not clear how the tailored messages are being sent out but it could be because Sasai is now using affiliate marketing to expand its reach. This is where people who install the app are given a reference code and get rewarded every time they recruit someone.

This is probably what has prompted this latest surge in Sasai promotional SMS messages.

Update: Complaints reach POTRAZ