Zuva has identified 8 service stations that will be selling fuel and accepting the foreign currency. The arrangement is being made under the Direct Fuel Import scheme which means these sites are likely to have guaranteed fuel supplies.

The service stations are as follows:

  • Harare: Lorraine, Groombridge, Pendennis and Valley service Stations
  • Bulawayo: Macs Garage
  • Beitbridge: Oasis service station
  • Mutare Palmerstone
  • Victoria Falls: Zambezi service station

This is likely the solution to the shortages

It’s not yet clear how much they are going to be charging but it should be around $1.15 US per litre or thereabout. In previous years, 2008, in particular, the crippling shortages were easily solved by DFI as supplies improved with those who had access to free foreign currency funds bringing their own fuel.

Right now the system has clearly failed to solve the shortages which have been going on for more than a year. Fuel is needed given the current power crisis and falling industrial capacity utilisation.