Rural Chiefs are the ones that are in charge of creating registers that will be used by people living in rural areas to collect food and other forms of government aid according to Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Hon Ziyambi Ziyambi.

It is also almost certain that these it is the input from these chiefs which is being used to create the so-called Roller Meal database. In past times chiefs have been allowed to create these registers and distribute food with little oversight from the government.

There has been often accusations of corruption in such cases. In other instances chiefs have been accused of settling scores or being partisan as they refuse to distribute food provided by state funds to people affiliated with parties they don’t support. No chief has been arrested or jailed over these accusations which are not even investigated in most cases.

There have also been cases where people use the names and identity particulars of people who have passed on to pad food registers and collect more food than they ought to.

It’s unlikely anyone will be arrested over allegations like this. Chiefs have almost unchecked powers in such cases and villagers can only cower and beg for mercy. Otherwise they risk starvation.

The government needs to provide a system that promotes transparency and accountability. As it stands this system will only foster corruption which is almost certain to occur.