Prices have been rising every day to the extent that now you need quite a pile of money to buy even the most basic of commodities. You need more than fifty $2 notes to buy a kilogram of meat; that’s quite a pile.

Robbers seem to have also taken notice of this fact. If you want to rob someone you will need good stamina to get away with all that cash in coins and notes. In the end, all that ill-gotten lot might not even be enough for the robbers to live that comfortable life they are all seeking and there is a chance the robbers might not be enough to carry it all away anyway.

The police have warned the public against carrying large wads of foreign currency (the USD and Rand in particular) around and ostensible displays of said cash.

The robbers are particularly targeting US dollars and rands. Also of concern to us is the amount of money which is being kept and stolen from homes and companies.

It seems to us that in many of the reported cases that these robbers may have had inside information … which means someone would have passed on information to them.

National Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi

There is has been a recent spate of robberies that appear targeted and suggest that these robbers could be acting on insider information which they could have gleaned from watching and spying on the victims.

Inspector Nyathi warned members of the public to desist from sharing their financial information with strangers. A lot of people prefer keeping cash in their homes or places of business these days as they do not trust the tips-turvey financial sector that is under the grip of an errant central bank.